There is a devil...

Akono'Ke lays dying.  He has learned a great secret, what the boy with no eyes sees.  Trance-like, with newfound clarity and a terrible thirst for complete knowledge, he wills himself into the kiva of the people.

Thomas Wilde is a wealthy man.  He is burying a lost and dismembered son.  Guilt, cold agony, cloaks him, his body quivers in its embrace.  The love and promise of his dear son is waste to his black heart.  Greed ruled his life and killed his son.

Albuquerque is a small city, 1964.  Five fifth grade boys attending Catholic school encounter an ancient evil.  Their world of friendship, adventure and freedom is lost when a club initiation in an abandoned house goes horribly wrong.

Fifteen years after the initiation, Wayne, a survivor of that night, encounters a vengeful, returning spirit.  A terrible reality of souls, possession, and desperate greed folds in around him.


Braile House builds to a climax of terror.  The lives and times all come together in a war for existence and escape.

"Quite an extraordinary horror novel."

"Braile House is a seriously good horror story."

"A psychological frightening book. The story is told very well. Reminded me of early Stephen King. Highly recommend."

"This really is one of the best books I've read this year."

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